About SCK

Super Cute Kawaiiis a daily blog of handmade cuteness and Japanese kawaii. Discovering there was no-one covering their favourite cute handmade things as well as the crazy and cute Japanese kawaii we love, Marceline and Claire decided to start one themselves!

We opened doors in September 2008 and we’ve been posting our favourite cute things 5-6 days a week ever since. Marceline and Claire were soon joined by Monsieur Le Bun and his family, who have been bringing their own special brand of blogging to Super Cute Kawaii every Wednesday, often hosting amazing giveaways.

This Tumblr is another way to keep up with our daily blog posts, plus there’s an extra 2 posts a day of cute things from around Tumblr and the web. We’re joined on Tumblr by Nicolette, who’s giving us a hand to find even more cuteness. It’s a tough job you know.

You can also find Super Cute Kawaii on Twitter and Facebook!

Posts tagged OMGKAWAII

OMG KAWAII is a Tumblr we started to share the mind-boggling and amazing products featured in Japanese toy catalogues. We get sent these by wholesalers because we once ran a cute online shop. They’ve been moving more into anime and figurines lately so we’ve made it part of the SCK Tumblr. You can see all the old posts at OMG KAWAII.

These products are often only released in Japan and the release dates are 2-6 months away. It’s worth checking eBay, Rakuten and sites like Strapya World if there’s something you can’t live without.